NAPTRACKER is an exciting new program.  It is a powerful data analysis tool to show you how your students are performing and identifies where they need help.

  • analyse and display your NAPLAN data in numerous formats instantly
  • clearly identify the performance growth of your students
  • the exclusive NAPTRACKER growth formula that powerfully demonstrates how students are performing
  • John Hattie’s Effect Size
  • item analysis of NAPLAN questions
  • see your NAPLAN data like you’ve never seen it before!

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“NAPTRACKER saves so much time – it does it all for us. Collating a students’ NAPLAN scores from Yr 3 through to Yr 9, it shows growth, effect size, areas of strength and weakness and all at the press of a button. With so many ways to look at our data quickly and easily the insights we gain are really helping us know how we can best help our students.”  IM

“NAPTRACKER is so easy! I love seeing how our students have progressed from test to test and the discussion that is prompted by seeing our results in the various graphs. The spider graphs pinpoint exactly where the strengths and weaknesses are for each year group and we can compare our school to other schools in the partnership. Brilliant!”  SM