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What do we do?

The ImproMation Group is a software development company with its focus on helping schools meet all their tracking, reporting and administrative needs. Our fully integrated range of products include:

Tracking & Reporting Markbook Website Development
Calendar & Planning Printing Attendance Monitoring
Data Analysis Questionnaires & Surveys • Preschool program

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The ImproMation Difference

  • We are responsive
  • We design programs from Preschool to end of High School
  • We provide deep and relevant analysis of data
  • We are more flexible – we enable schools to share results
  • Our programs are adaptive allowing schools to customiseto meet their unique needs
  • We focus on ease of use functionality
  • At ImproMation we recognise that every school is different and operates in its own unique way to best meet the needs of its students
  • We are written by educators for teachers and have purpose built our software so that schools can tailor the programs to maximise student outcomes in a healthy learning environment

User Friendly

Teachers love how easy our software is to use…

Great Support

We are famous for our quick and friendly support..

Access Anywhere

Access our products from any internet computer anywhere in the world…


Experience the power of instant student information at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere…

“MARKiT has worked closely with our school to meet its’ needs and expectations. Teachers are entering their own data and as a web based product are able to access from home. The support team have been outstanding with quick responses to our query “


Our products are fully compatible with mobile devices

Our products integrate and work on ipads and on iphones so they can be accessed anywhere, anytime, providing great flexibility.

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