Our History

The ImproMation Group is a software development company with its focus on helping schools meet their tracking and reporting needs.  Michael Tunks, the Director, and his team, have been providing online services for over 1800 schools for more than 15 years.

What We Do

As a team we are continuing to listen to the changing needs of schools as the Australian curriculum evolves.  In consultation with schools we assist Principals and their staff by developing effective solutions and time-saving strategies so they can provide excellent educational outcomes for students.

Our Products

Our range of products now include tracking and reporting (STARS and REPORTiT), a comprehensive mark book (MARKiT), website development (WEBiT and WEBiT Links), a calendar and planning system (DOiT and PLANiT), a full printing service (PRINTiT), an attendance package (ATTENDiT),  a powerful data analysis system (NAPTRACKER and PATTRACKER), an electronic sign-in system (SIGNiT), a school focused questionnaire program (SURVEYiT) and a preschool program (miniMarkIt).

These systems are integrated to limit the need to enter data multiple times and we provide schools with training and ongoing maintenance under our service package.