Why DOiT Calendar?

Plan your school year with our integrated DOiT Calendar.  A number of principals have asked us to make an online calendar – so here it is! At the same time we have integrated the Calendar with another of our products, DOiT, making this an all-purpose event and project manager for all school activities.

Calendar Features

  • view by year, term, month, week, day
  • print each view
  • easy entry with recurrent activities
  • up to 20 colour coded categories of activities (and you get to chose the titles!)
  • classify each entry as staff only or public viewing
  • link the calendar to your school website for public viewing by your community (only activities classified as ‘public viewing’ are displayed
  • display (and print) categories individually or show all
  • add the DOiT Timeline Planner module (extra cost), plan an entire activity (eg Presentation Day) and have weekly email reminders sent automatically to delegated staff

Calendar Benefits

  • be organised: know instantly what is planned and which dates are available
  • keep track of all events (or individual events) on convenient printed reports
  • keep everyone informed: all staff can view the full calender 24/7 online (password protected)
  • keep your community informed: make the calendar available to your community via the school website. Only ‘public view’ events will display
  • be effective and save time: roll selected categories into next year (eg Birthdays) – no need to enter them all again!
  • don’t lose all that planning: roll an entire DOiT timeline into next year and don’t lose all that planning if a staff member leaves!
  • keep on top of activities (be proactive): weekly DOiT reminder emails will help to make sure things get done

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