WEBiT is a very exciting concept in school websites. With WEBiT you can have a great looking website and have it maintained by your Stage 3 students as part of their technology studies. With WEBiT you can design your entire webitsite with a complete range of pages for your P&C, School Council, stage levels, hot news – the list goes on and on.  And you can change any of your webitsite content when it suits you – easily. With optional additional modules you can also include calendar pages for each month of the year or a photo gallery to display your photos.

You can add new pages at any time and easily modify existing pages to customise the webitsite to meet your individual requirements. You can also change your webitsite ‘look’ and ‘feel’ at any time by revisiting our state of the art Design a WEBiT Studio.  You’ll have a fresh looking webitsite immediately without losing any of your content.

View some of the websites developed by WEBiT here